Pre-Paid Legal ServicesOver the years, I have spoken to numerous Pre-Paid Legal reps who have looked at National Motor Club (NMC) from a business perspective. Of those who have jumped over to NMC, I’ve noticed two main reasons for them doing so.

1. National Motor Club over-delivers
Pre-Paid Legal reps are impressed about the package of services that NMC offers their members for such a small monthly membership fee. This includes services like identity protection, automotive-related attorney assistance, and accidental death benefits.

2. No Chargebacks
This has been a huge determining factor for Pre-Paid Legal reps. It seems discouraging to work hard for a sale only to have the company taken back commission. Pre-Paid Legal reps love the fact that NMC does not do chargebacks if people cancel their membership. So that is more money in the hands of the sale agent.

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